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Emart 5x7ft Green Screen Backdrop, Polyester Wrinkle-Resistant Curtain Fabric, Chroma-Key greenscreen Cloth Sheet for Zoom, Including 2 Spring Clamps Suitable for Photoshoot, Interview, Live Stream

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    10 reviews for Emart 5x7ft Green Screen Backdrop, Polyester Wrinkle-Resistant Curtain Fabric, Chroma-Key greenscreen Cloth Sheet for Zoom, Including 2 Spring Clamps Suitable for Photoshoot, Interview, Live Stream

    1. Life Shifter
      5 out of 5


      The product works as expected. The rating relates to how I use it on the Zoom platform. I did have to do a bit of work to iron out the many wrinkles (it did arrive neatly folded) and wasn’t really prepared for that step.

    2. Daniel Setzer
      5 out of 5


      I purchased my green screen for home videos. I’m so pleased with the quality. I ironed the material and it came up a treat. I’m only five feet one and when it’s fully extended I can move it around easily. I’m 75 and have enjoy digital photography for a number of years…including making dozens of videos. This new screen will give me the opportunity to try a few new tricks. I think it was a very good value for the money.

    3. Mars Sober
      3 out of 5


      I’m 6ft even and when I stand up against mine there’s only maybe 4 inches more above my head and across I measure it at 4 ft. So it’s really more like 6.4 x 4 ft. It feels really small. When I use it, it acts up alot. It creates alot of reflections and frizzy particles that mess with the effect because the material is polyester which isn’t great for a green screen but it’s cheap so you get what you pay for. And because it’s polyester alot of the surfaces will be different shades of green with different lighting, increased more by how wrinkly it is too. So keying it in well is a pain in the ass unless you have alot of lighting to make sure every inch is well lit the same.

      It works, although not the best. And the size has been an issue for me. If you stretch your arms out you’ll be out of the green screen area and it can’t get my feet because it’s not very tall and when recording from a distance for videos, it makes it even smaller. If I could go back, I’d probably get a different one of better material, I saw one that was like 30 dollars with a stand included and used better material. Might be better to check out if you can afford it.

      Bottom line: If you plan to use this in a super well lit area so the entire screen can stay one shade of green and where you’d mostly be sitting down, like a streamer or something, then I think it’s good. If you plan to do more, then I’d recommend getting something else.

    4. MsC
      5 out of 5


      Can be used for multiple purposes

    5. EFL
      4 out of 5


      This screen is made of a nice durable cloth-like material. I did have to iron out the wrinkles first (use an iron on low heat — i.e. polyester setting). Light-blocking isn’t 100%, but is much better than the paper-like roller screens I’ve used from Neewer and Vivo.

      Note that the cloth is hemmed on all 4 edges (including of course the edge with a pocket for a rod). I wanted to attach this to a motorized roller, but the hem on the side edges makes it impossible for the screen to roll up smoothly.

      On ratings: not sure whether “sheerness” is a good quality or a bad quality for a greenscreen. This is not a sheer screen at all. But I rated it higher on this metric (4 stars) because it is not too sheer, which is what I wanted.

    6. Derek
      5 out of 5


      Product is as described items work perfectly screen material is of good quality would recommend buying from this seller.

    7. Paul J.J. McClellan
      5 out of 5


      All in all, a wonderful green screen.
      I have used it for both a green screen backdrop and a tablecloth for YouTube channel purposes.

      Last night I tried to remove the creases, ironing without a board was not effective.
      I decided to put it in the wash (cold water, delicate cycle) and dryer (low temp, wrinkle free option), and it removed the wrinkles wonderfully!

      As a green screen, even with the creases it provided good results at removing the background.
      My only minor negative is that for my purposes a slightly larger size would be preferred, as my camera is a bit wide-angle and I have to zoom in to have the screen reach both sides of the screen.

    8. The Pen
      4 out of 5


      I purchased this product, but sent it back due to my own miscalculation. I have a Logitech BRIO webcam that allows me to adjust the camera width to show more or less of the room behind me. My camera is mounted on a large monitor just slightly more than arm’s length away. Even with the narrowest angle (side-to-side), the screen didn’t cover everything behind me until I pulled it up directly behind my desk chair. That meant I was “trapped” in my chair and couldn’t back up or move around much. It might work well for those who have their camera closer to them when trying to use the green screen. A closely-placed laptop will probably work well. Otherwise, I found this product to be of good quality, sturdy, and durable. It was a snap to put together.

    9. Sasha
      4 out of 5


      …. background for a virtual background. Was exceptionally packaged!! Fabric is a good wt.; cannot see thru it; has a nice feel. Nice hems all around and rod pocket for good size pole. In my case, I needed to turn the length to the width, so had to fold the top over the pole and secure it with the included grabbers. Someone mentioned in their review that washing removed most of the wrinkles, so I put into a delicate, cold water cycle and dried on a a delicate low heat cycle. Original folds and other wrinkles remain — waste of water, electricity and time!…. don’t bother. HOWEVER, it doesn’t adversely affect the virtual background displayed on it. Not at all. Sooo, my recommendation for this Emart Green Screen: Grrr8 product for the money. If you need one, this will do it!

    10. ANTHONYC813
      5 out of 5


      For 70 bucks you can’t beat this green screen for Zoom meetings! I bought it so I do not look as bald as I do with a virtual background picture that is built in/uploaded into Zoom. Laptop camera really thins out what’s left up there… When shopping for a green screen it was this or those dumb pop-up chain ones. Glad I went with this product. It can go over 8 feet tall. Maybe higher with all the pieces extended? Wide enough to cover the sides of my camera view and perfect for any picture or animated background. Does not pixel out when you grab a coffee mug or all the other things Zoom does when you set a picture. You know what I mean.
      Pros- Cheapest green screen option. Tall and wide. Lightweight. Portable. Easy to set up and take down when done for the day. A Steal at 70 bucks!!
      Cons- Cheap lightweight aluminum. It is basically a hollow letter “T” you hang a green cloth over and clamp in place. Lightweight means it can be knocked over easy…
      While folding the cloth I bumped into the frame and watched as one end of the “T” perfectly fell right on my coffee mug on the desk knocking that all over the place. 1 in a million shot. So be careful!
      Would buy another again in a heartbeat for Zoom calls at work!

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