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Yes4All 360° T-Bar Row Plate Post Insert Landmine Base – Fit 1" & 2” Olympic Bars, Easy to Install – Great for Back, Muscle, Arm, Full-Body & Support Deadlifts, Squats for Home Gym

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    10 reviews for Yes4All 360° T-Bar Row Plate Post Insert Landmine Base – Fit 1" & 2” Olympic Bars, Easy to Install – Great for Back, Muscle, Arm, Full-Body & Support Deadlifts, Squats for Home Gym

    1. Para88
      5 out of 5


      This equipment is solidly built with sturdy materials. I inserted this equipment inside two 45-pound weight plates, and there was zero base movement while exercising.

    2. Melissa M
      5 out of 5


      I bought this for the landmine accessory then the handles but for the low price it was worth it to get this then buy the handle separately later on.
      My barbell slides in semi smoothly, just need a little force.
      The end of it does wiggle a bit in the bottom plates but you don’t notice it during the workouts.

    3. Drew Anderson
      5 out of 5


      I’ve been shopping for a landmine attachment for some time. And until I found this one they were either out of stock or at a price range I wasn’t willing to pay. I was just getting ready to do a Home Depot DIY version and decided to hold off, and I’m glad I did. The next day I found this landmine attachment.

      The device is solid. I was pleasantly surprised to find the post used to insert into the support plates on the ground is a solid piece of iron, not a hollow tube. I put it into a 55 lbs bumper plate and it stays in there without issue. The barbell slides into the tube and holds just fine. I don’t use the tightening bolt and haven’t found a need for it. Movement of the barbell in the various exercises is smooth and feels secure.

      Overall, it’s a great product. No need to spend more on this than you need to.

      PS — It also fits securely in the post holes on my Rage push sled, so I can take it out to the parking lot and use it without having to bring out extra plates for mounting.

    4. Robert H.
      4 out of 5


      I would give 5 stars, but it seems so obvious now that a product like this should have wheels. Also if the plates you store here need to be used with any frequency, it’s much harder to lift a plate stored on a vertical peg than it would be a horizontal one. The landmine portion is great though!

    5. TnT
      4 out of 5


      I have limited space on my rack, which is a Yoke anyway, limited floor space, and will not be mounting equipment to the walls.

      I like having a place for my 45’s and an extra barbell in addition to this unit being portable.
      It’s made well enough so far for home gym use.
      No complaints whatsoever and I have enjoyed the portability and utility for a lower price than some units that attach to the rack and take up vertical space.

      I’m a sucker for things that serve multiple purposes and so far this does not sacrifice performance to do so.

      Only giving 4 stars because it has not been used long enough to determine dependability and durability over time.

    6. Rob D
      5 out of 5


      Lock nuts ensure it stays together and moves freely with each rep. I’m a SF Giants fan, so great color. For home gyms this is solid and should last forever. It boggles my mind how much other companies ask the same item. Spend your savings on yourself

    7. Smiley Bear
      5 out of 5


      Works great home my home gym. Great price too

    8. SoundSponge
      5 out of 5


      Enhanced my gym experience.
      Lift bar out of the way when landmines are completed.
      Great plate and bar storage feature.
      One of my favorite pieces of gym equipment.

    9. carlos
      5 out of 5


      my new favorite piece of equipment. you can do so much with the landmine attachment. I’m glad someone thought about making this thing. it is awesome.

    10. RICK L.
      5 out of 5


      Feels solid, olympic bar goes in easily through the slightly larger diameter opening, tightening knob closes the slack and secures the bar easily( no shaking) paint has not chipped on the base using olympic bumper 45 pound plate with the metal ring to anchor it( the base post for this is not much longer than that, was using a different one that had a much longer post, was surprised how short this was, but hasn’t been an issue so far with just the 45 as the base. Was decent price, one thing, not a negative, but I ordered the black version, picture on the product page showed just the olympic spot, the one they sent has the olympic and standard slot like the orange one they pictured, doesn’t affect its quality, so I kept it, but would like to have received the one I ordered as I don’t have any standard bars, not a complaint just a preference for detail. Worth it to not have to wedge the bar between plates or in the corner anymore.

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